Special Occasions Halkirk is located on the Far North Coast of Scotland in the County of Caithness.  Caithness is famous for its outstanding natural beauty, but it is also home to a lot of very talented people.

 It was the talented people that were the inspiration for Special Occasions.   After exhibiting my own products at wedding and craft fairs I could see the amount of talent and felt that there should be somewhere locally that these talents could be exhibited.

 The Post Office seemed to be the obvious place, it is a major part of the community and it is used by local people and tourists.  It was therefore agreed that the Post Office would be the venue.

 The little venture became a success so we then did some work on redecoration so that the products could be displayed and the success continues.   We have people who make local jams and preserves, jewellery, tartan products.  We also have products made from wood and handmade cards.

 Special Occasions is also an excellent place to start if you are planning a wedding or even just a guest at a wedding.  

We do a full range of custom designed wedding invitations, wedding guest books, menu’s.   We will work with you from the start to enusre that all your requirements are met.   If you are a guest at a wedding Special Occasions is a good place for a gift with the personal touch.